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Regional Manager

We want TurboChains to be a global platform and we're looking for regional managers that can bring their own talents, input and contribution to the project and help us design TurboChains with the needs and challenges of their regions in mind. 


Don’t miss the opportunity to join a fun & agile team aiming for a big goal. You will be part of a team who's goal is to build a novel platform that bridges the physical and digital worlds and can potentially help millions of people. 


Informed and interested in decentralised ledgers technology. (Blockchain)


Experience in science, technology, business or finance. Experience in logistics an asset.


Knowledgable about his or her region and good gasp of it's social issues, governmental issues and it's economy.


Work with the founding team to help market the TurboPay solutions in a way that will make it efficient and positive for the region represented. 

Perform local market research.


Contribute to the writing of the local business development plan.

If you would like to apply please email us at

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